Pay Structure

I've only been working for three weeks now and I've already got the potential to change contract. They've offered to change my pay from an hourly rate to a fee per delivery structure. I'm not sure if/when I will change, but I thought it'd be interesting to write about them, and maybe it'll help me reach … Continue reading Pay Structure


Taster Session

So my taster session is complete and I'm now a fully certified food/drink deliverer! The whole process took around four hours in total (advertised as two). It began by being assessed on ability to cycle in London. You essentially cycle to a location with an 'assessor' following to determine how safely you can cycle from point-to-point. … Continue reading Taster Session


Hello again! Second post here. First one (short intro) here. Just a quick outline of the application process and interesting aspects from the day. Took around an hour, mostly made up of watching videos/answering basic questions and filling out personal information. No CV, application letter or cover letter needed (for once in a job application!). Questions … Continue reading Applying