Health and safety in the gig economy – A run-down of some of the main health and safety issues in the gig economy – 14/09/2017

Gig economy empowers students? – A quick analysis of an article on students and the gig economy – 08/09/2017

Pay in the gig economy – A quick analysis of an interesting article on calculating pay in the gig economy – 03/09/2017

My Delivery Route – What a shift in the gig economy looks like, accompanied with video – 27/08/2017

Interacting with the gig economy – There’s minimal interaction in the gig economy, but is this good or bad? – 21/08/2017

The ‘Frank’ algorithm and the Taylor Review – Deliveroo has introduced a new algorithm, what does it mean for the UK government, riders and the company? – 17/08/2017

Increasing Rider Safety – Deliveroo has introduced new safety measures, but are unsafe conditions inherent to the gig economy? – 04/08/2017

Jinn Job Insecurity – Jinn has scaled back operations, leaving many insecure in employment? – 30/07/2017

I’m Lovin’ The Gig Economy – Does the UberEATS and McDonald’s collaboration indicate the start of something new for the food gig economy? – 23/07/2017

Fee per drop – Off to a bad start? – First impressions of fee per delivery – 20/07/2017

Pay Structure – Possible changes to my contract over pay – 12/06/2017

First Shifts – A review of my first set of shifts in the gig economy – 29/05/2017

Taster Session – The getting on-board process finalised – 25/05/2017

Friends and Family – Sharing responsibilities in the gig economy – 23/05/2017

Applying – The first stages of joining – 18/05/2017

The Light Turns Green and Off We Go! – A quick introduction to the blog – 16/05/2017


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